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". . . I Am Here"

* Note: The following in no way is intended to be an indictment of the church described herein. While we do not personally know the people of this particular church, we believe they  are wonderful, honest seekers of truth; sincere in their motivations.  However,  many people are sincerely wrong – as I have been many times in trying to find a geographical location without consulting a map. Further, the reader should not infer that I am declaring that God is not "in" or "with" those who gather in institutional churches.  I am part of a pioneering group who believe we have been called of God to lead the way into a new era of God's expression in the earth. Many will remain with and be blessed by the Institutional Church and to those we simply say, "God bless you as you seek and serve Him." We simply must move forward for the sake of the millions who will never relate with or be embraced by the existing church expression.   Greg

Sheila and I attended a church yesterday. During the "worship" service I became aware of a distinct unease in my spirit. I began to hear a whispered, "This is not where I am." I also noted that Sheila seemed to be uncomfortable with something. I leaned to her and asked if she were feeling ill. She shook her head in the negative, but as the meeting progressed into the sermon, I realized she was becoming even more uncomfortable.

We took a long drive after church and stopped along the water. From our vantage point we could see the skyline of Seattle's waterfront.  Just to the northeast, the white mass of Mount Baker appeared between cloud and sea. We watched ducks "fishing" in the shallows before us, fishermen on the pier beside us, ship traffic plying the cold waters, and couples strolling along the rocky shoreline. It was there that I thought I heard a whispered “I am here” floating on the wind.

I again asked Sheila about what was wrong during the worship service. She said, "We don't fit." I pressed for more and she continued: "Church....like that....isn't “it” anymore. I almost feel guilty saying that, but it just isn't it."

She went on, "If I had the financial backing, I'd find an old building; a house, and convert it to a coffeehouse, a meeting place, with a library, good music, coffee...." she continued describing and then said, "you know, the thing you've been talking about." "Oh," I said, "you mean a Harbor?" (Within the concept of Harbor is a "Harbor House:" Literally a house used for the purposes of worship, prayer, study, strategy meeting, communication, relaxation, counseling, resourcing, coffee, relationships. The Harbor House differs from the Harbor, since the Harbor MUST by definition be either a home where people actually live, or exist where people come together in a next-best-thing-to-home facility).

The sun began to show its westward progress. Deep purples and oranges spread in reflection over the water. Just as it has since the first moments of time, the sun was going down to bring night to the circle of the day. Or so we think out of habit. In antiquity, generations of fathers taught their children this fallacy because in their limited understanding, reach and vision, it appeared to be so and was accepted and passed on to succeeding generations. Conventional wisdom and understanding were factually wrong, but culturally accepted because “it appeared to be so.”

In reality, the sun does not go down. We now know that. The earth merely turns on its axis, giving the appearance that the sun, not the earth, is moving. But we know the truth. Just as we know the earth isn't flat or even perfectly cylindrical. We don't live any longer by the old conventions that said if one continued far enough in a given direction, he would sail off the earth into the great unknown. So we have no misgivings about boarding an aircraft and flying 10,000 miles to the East or the West. We know we won't break free of earth's surface and spin off into space –  

And so the day is dawning when we no longer live by the conventions of a traditional church that each succeeding generation has accepted and followed, simply because our fathers told us the story that way. There is a New Church, a New Representation of Jesus arising; forming and emerging. Its structure is that of a living Thing and not the skeleton of a corporation or a government or an institution. Its soul is that of a breathing Thing and not the force of motivational thought, corporate synergy or institutional convention. Its heart is that of a Kinsman-Redeemer and not that of catchy slogans, statements of purpose or of By-Law amendments. Its hands are those of common men, women and children, translated and transformed by the power of a living Christ to become literally His hands, reaching, touching, holding, blessing, healing, restoring, in the midst of the mainstream of life, and not in an isolated and concealed sanctuary.

The hope of our future isn't in a building made with hands, but it is in these "living stones, [that are] being built up into a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.”

Sheila and I attended church yesterday. Near the Seattle skyline, fishing in the waters before us, we heard Him say “I am here.”


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