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The following links are either good, true and personal friends or have otherwise demonstrated integrity in what we've seen in their ministries. g2k does not necessarily endorse all views, positions or concepts contained below, but recommends each in the grace of God. 

OPEN HEAVEN               One of the Best Revival Portals on the web. Ron McGatlin

FUTURE CHURCH           Brilliant, Thought-provoking, this really is "future-thought"

MARY LINDOW               Truly prophetic, gut-level honest, no-nonsense expression of Jesus

INTIMACY WITH GOD     Linda Schreurs, hearing God, embracing God

NEXT REFORMATION      Forward-thinking, radically honest, Len is at the forefront of the EC

THE PILGRIM PATH         For those seriously wrestling with questions about the Church

V.A.S.T.                          visionary advancement strategies - a biblical worldview for the marketplace

LIFE MESSENGER           Restoration of the church's apostolic foundation and intimacy with the Father

FRANK VIOLA                 Present Testimony Ministries. In quest for a recovery of Primitive Christianity.

STEPHANOS                   New Covenant Christianity, Apostolic and Prophetic Reform

BEEN THINKING ABOUT  Mart De Haan: Well worth the time  

APOSTLES TODAY           Lee Bacon, Bret Wade, Gathering Apostolic hearts for Kingdom Increase

INHERENTCHURCH         A church for people who don't necessarily "go" to church

WOLFGANG SIMSON      The reemergence of organic, apostolically rooted New Testament Church

SEARCHING TOGETHER  John Zens. Revolutionary, Relevant, Real

WHEELS OF GRACE        Motorcycle Ministry magazine

DON ATKIN                     Don Atkin. See for yourself

GLOBAL COMMUNION     A Global Communion of Apostles. The authentic among the many inauthentic



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