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Things I Believe In . . .

Dave Bodine started it: He posted the "Things I  No Longer Believes In" on the nRn weblog which made me think about what I do believe in. I believe in these things:

I Believe in Relationship. I once knew God as “Creator,” “Jehovah,” “Lord,” “God;” I now know Him as my  Best Friend, my Counselor, my Constant Companion, my True Helper, my Loving Father. And I Believe in Relationship with people; not “membership” in an “institution” or “denomination” or “church.”

I Believe in Showing as opposed to Shouting the Good News. I suppose that ranting and screaming and shrieking have their place – perhaps among the Deaf. I’m not that hard of hearing that I can’t perceive the sound of a spoken word. And I’m not that dull that I can’t recognize Good News when I see it – acted out, demonstrated, lived more than lectured.

I Believe in Grace over Judgment. Come to think of it, I also believe in Mercy over Religion, Goodness over “Holy Talk” and Love over Law.

I Believe in Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers because the Bible says “And He      Himself gave some to be . . . .”

I Believe in the Church – not the Masquerade or the “Corporation of the Church” or the "Institutional Church."       I Believe in the Body of Christ, unified, not “unionized,” in harmony if not in lock-step agreement. I Believe in the Bride of Christ, readying herself for her Wedding Day.

I Believe in Being the Church more than “Doing Church” or “Attending Church” or “Going to Church.”

I Believe that Words Mean Things and that when our words don’t match our hearts or our actions, we’re in     Big Trouble with ourselves, let alone with heaven.

In His Grace,



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