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Greg Austin has been a Christian leader for more than forty years, with more than thirty of those years in the pastorate. He currently functions passionately in the role of equipping, encouraging and mentoring a new generation of emerging leaders in God's church.

He has a compassionate heart for broken, wounded and discouraged people, regardless of their place and calling in the Body of Christ. Having personally experienced the deep waters of trial, defeat, brokenness and despair, Greg is also the recipient of the gifts of wholeness, victory and joy from the Father's heart. 

His experience affirms that God's mercy, grace, healing and restoration are available to all who are of a broken and contrite heart. 

Greg is the Founder of Global Action, a Christian humanitarian organization which has provided care for needy multitudes in Asia, Central and South America and in the U.S. Greg is also the Founder and President of Next Reformation Network and g2k (genesis two thousand). He has been a Crusade Speaker and has served as a denominational official.

Greg has ministered in more than forty nations on seven Continents bridging denominational and non-denominational fellowships. He has participated in the birthing of churches in the U.S. and abroad. He has served as a member of numerous ministry advisory boards, and provides counsel to ministries on four continents. His writing has encouraged believers around the world.

g2k was born to provide a bridge between the old religious structures of the church and the church that is emerging. As with any season of great change and transition, there is confusion and  deception, mixed motives and sometimes bizarre experimentation among many in the church today. But in the midst of error and misconception is also the true presence of the Spirit of God, the direction of heaven and the promise of a church and an emerging Kingdom that will welcome, receive, embrace and befriend all who search for Truth.

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