Grace . . . .

As I write this I have been listening to Delirious? while preparing for a week of ministry. The band is singing “River of Grace” and I've been captured by the lyrics so much so that I've lost track of what I had been meditating on, which was the subject of The Presence of God.

Listen with me for a moment:

Mystery of mysteries
That you could love someone like me
In your hands eternity
And yet you have the time for me
A love so undeserved
You held nothing in reserve
Heaven played its symphony
I took your hand you rescued me

Grace like a river
Is flowing down
Is flowing down
Grace like a river
It's flowing down to me

Written by Stu Garrard/Martin Smith ©2003 Curious? Music UK

And it occurred to me, as I pored over the same Scripture verse in various Bible versions, trying to catch the import of     the words that what I was trying to discover; what I was really seeking; what most likely actually led you to this web      site and to this page is literally a cry and a hunger to experience His grace. When we talk about finding His presence; getting to where He is, we discover that it’s impossible for man – for you and me – human beings – flawed, imperfect, broken, sometimes discouraged, weary of trying and failing and flailing, to get where He is.

And so Grace, “like a river” flows down; emanates from Him, from His Throne of Grace, from His very heart. From the innermost counsels of His very being, He steps out, bows down, reaches low, and demonstrates that grace in the      giving of His Son so that you and I can find what it is we truly seek; to be embraced by Grace; to be enveloped; to be consumed; to be overwhelmed.

 Well, I must move on. The song has ended. Delirious? is singing another tune, “Majesty (Here I Am).” Listen with me,

Your grace has found me just as I am
Empty handed, but alive in your hands
Majesty, Majesty
Forever I am changed by your love
In the presence of your Majesty

Written by Stu Garrard/Martin Smith ©2003 Curious? Music UK

In His Abundant Grace,


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