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The Awakening Anointing
Books I, II, III, and IV
By Greg Austin

(NOTE: As of February, 2008, with the exception of the online Book One, the books described below are out of print, and are in the process of being combined into a single volume. Check back for the release of the new single volume of The Awakening Anointing. Thank you).

Incredible, Amazing, Wonderful, Awesome, are only a few of the adjectives being used to describe the present-day outpouring of God's favor and mercy in the earth.  In the Awakening Anointing, Author Greg Austin takes us into the inner councils of the exciting work of the Holy Spirit as the Anointing is poured out like rain to thirsty people all over the world.

the Awakening Anointing book 1
online in
PDF format.

(File size 174kb).

 Book One: The Beginning of the Odyssey
  1. "The Easter Sunday Massacre"
  2. "The Manifestation of the spirit Through the Anointing"
  3. "The Battle and the Anointing"
  4. "What the World Needs Now: The Anointing"


The Awakening Anointing Book II

 Book Two: Continue the Journey and Awakening
  1. "Two Armies - Two Ways"
  2. "What Believers Need Now: Understanding the Anointing"
  3. "What the Church Needs Now: Anointed Followers"


Awakening Anointing book 3

 Book Three: The Hope of the World
  1. "Passion, Purpose, Power"
  2. "What Heaven Need Now, Anointed Leaders"
  3. "What Our Cities Need Now, Anointed Churches"


Book 4

 Book Four: Discovering Glory, Changing our Planet
  1. "The Anointing and the Glory"
  2. "The Anointing and the Prophet"
  3. "Things to Come"



Greg Austin is the President of the Northwest Revival Network and directs g2k (Genesis Two Thousand).

After more than thirty-five years as a pastor, evangelist and denominational official, Greg was depleted of spiritual freshness, power and anointing.  In March, 1995 God began a lengthy and deep work in Greg's life, stripping him from much of what he once was, with the result of new channels for the River of the Spirit to flow. Since 1995, the Author has participated in renewal on four continents.  Read his Bio here.

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